Getting Started: Quick Walk-Through

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This help topic offers a practical walk-through that helps you get started with USoft REST services. At the end of this walk-through, you will have set up:

A fully functional default REST service,

An environment where you can start creating REST services of your own.

As a prerequisite, you need a USoft application that already has some data structure that is interesting to advertise as a REST interface, for example, a travel booking table. This can be a try-out application with 1 table that you build quickly just for the occasion, or it can be a large, existing USoft application.

In this help topic we will assume you have a USoft application called TRAVEL.



collapseStep 1. Create a Rules Service
collapseStep 2. Setting up USoft Service Definer (USoft Binder)
collapseStep 3. Install a server
collapseStep 4. Declare the application and a connection to it
collapseStep 5: Create a REST service
collapseStep 6: Test the REST service
collapseStep 7: Expose the REST service



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