Table rights

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A table right is the right that a usergroup of an application has to access a table of that application (called Authorization Table).

Each individual table right gives access in precisely one of five (5) access modes:






The first four (4) access modes (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) are mutually exclusive. ALL is a shortcut for the combination of SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. Having an ALL table right is the equivalent of having the other 4 specific Table Rights.

In addition to access mode, the effect of each Table Right is determined by its scope.

IMPORTANT 1: By default, in USoft Authorizer, a user has full access to all tables as long as no specific Table Rights or Column Rights are introduced for that user. Be aware that introducing the first Table Rights will bar access to any other tables unless you specifically define Table Rights for those tables as well.

IMPORTANT 2: Once you start defining Table Rights, you will also need to tell the database to generate grants corresponding to these rights.



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