Example: Tracing information from a dotNet application

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Microsoft supplies debugging tools under the name of Sysinternals at the following URL:



You can download a tool named dbgview.exe from this location. You can use this tool to catch trace information from a .Net application used in a USoft application.

The following example illustrates how you could make use of dbgview.exe.

1.Download and install dbgview.exe.
2.Create a file with the extension .cs, e.g. myTrace.cs.
3.Type the following code into the myTrace.cs file:

#define TRACE
using System;
using System.Diagnostics;

class TRACE
    public static void write( String message )
        Trace.AutoFlush = true;
        Trace.WriteLine( message);



4.In USoft Definer, create a new DotNet Component named TRACE
5.Provide the full path and filename of the file created in step 2 as the Program Source, e.g.
C:\Program Files\myCode\myTrace.cs
6.Specify the Assembly reference: System.dll
7.Save and check.
8.Start dbgview.exe from Sysinternals.
9.Start the USoft application.
10.Execute the following command in the SQL Command Dialog Box:

SELECT TRACE.WRITE( ‘Testing C# trace’ );


The listing in dbgview.exe will show the message.


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