Dynamic Link to the Application

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The rights granted or denied to user groups will be dynamically linked to the application's menu system. This means, for example, that when you move a user from one user group to another, he or she will automatically log on to the corresponding menu system.

In this context, "application" always means a business application built with USoft Developer. This includes the various applications in the USoft Developer Series itself, which are USoft applications built by USoft. An application receives its name when its flat files (extensions: CON, EXT, and ESI) are generated.

For more information on generating flat files, read "Setting up a Production Environment" in the USoft Definer Help.


In terms of the functionality that it offers, an application may mean different things to different end-users. This depends, among other things, on the user group to which they have been assigned. Different user groups may have access to different menus, to different info windows, and to different RDBMS tables. Also, the "same" window may have a different look, feel, and behavior for different user groups.

Each user group has its own menu system. User groups are defined for one application only. Per application, a user can only belong to one user group.


Once you have defined all the necessary rights in the repository, the required database "grants" must be generated. These grants can either be generated directly in the database, or they can be put in a script file, which you can run later.