How to Define Authorization

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You can use USoft Authorizer to specify user group rights for a runtime business application as well as for the USoft development environment itself.

To define authorization for a runtime business application:

1. Register all (relevant) database users as USoft users.
2. Register the application and specify which user "owns" the application.
3. Define user groups for the application. For each user group, specify which menu (page) is to be their entry point into the menu system.
4. Populate the authorization tables for the application.
5. For each user group, define the required table and column rights.
6. For each user group, specify any conditions that may constrain the table and/or column rights.
7. Assign users to appropriate user groups.
8. If required, set additional parameters for individual user groups.

To define authorization for your USoft development environment:

1. Run the special Load Definer User Groups dialog to initialize standard USoft Developer user groups.
2. Customize, by editing the access rights produced as a result of running the Load Definer User Groups dialog, or by adding table rights, column rights, or authorization conditions.
3. Register all (relevant) database users as USoft users.
4. Assign users to appropriate development environment user groups.