How to Define Menu Conditions

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To define menu conditions:

1. From the Authorizer menu, choose: Define, Menu Access, Menu Conditions.


2. Specify a Name for the menu condition.


3. Specify the Statement. For example:


FROM    dual

WHERE   UserGroup() = 'STAFF'

3. Save your changes.

An Id for the menu condition is generated.

4. From the Related List, open the Menu Lines are restricted by a Menu Condition related window.


5. Specify the Menu Page that contains the menu option you want to provide access for.


6. Specify the Menu Line of this menu option, without any '&' escape characters.


7. Specify the Visibility of this menu option: Disabled (greyed out) or Hidden.

If the statement specified in the Menu condition is satisfied (returns one or more record(s)), the menu option is visible and accessible.

If not (no record is selected), the menu option is disabled (greyed out) or hidden.

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