How to Set Up Development Environment Authorization

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To set up authorization for your USoft development environment:

1. Open the Authorizer.
2. Make sure that an application named USD is specified as an application within USoft Authorizer. The USD application is the USoft Developer application.
3. Choose Tools, Load Definer User Groups... from the menu bar.

The Load Definer User Groups dialog appears.

4. Click OK.

USoft Authorizer will now generate default access rights for typical development environment user groups. This is a feature that can be run only once. If the user groups already exist, nothing will happen.

5. Make sure all relevant database users in your USoft development environment are specified as users within USoft Authorizer.
· To view current users within USoft Authorizer, expand the Users node in the catalog tree view.


· To add a new user, right-click on the Users node and choose New User.
6. Assign users to appropriate definer user groups.
· To retrieve definer users groups, choose Define, User Groups from the menu bar. Retrieve all user groups where the Application name is USD.


· To assign users to definer user groups, first select the user group. Click on the Members tab. Type the name of the member, or click the Lookup button to select one from the list.
7. Customize, by manipulating the access rights produced as a result of running the Load Definer User Groups. Alternatively, you can do this by adding table rights, column rights or authorization conditions.
8. Save your changes.