How You Can Take Advantage of Personal Certificates

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Business-to-business communications.

Use personal certificates to offer your suppliers and partners controlled access to special web sites for updating product availability, shipping dates, and inventory (stock) management.

· Banks.

Provide customers with secure access to accounts for stock transactions and account management - issue digital certificates to your clients, who can use them as a universal login to your site for targeted content and services. You can also use personal certificates to send secure e-mail for private account information.

· Online store.

Track browsing, purchase patterns, and set up accounts. Create customer profiles, and adapt your site's design - all based on the information you gather from digital certificates. You can even link digital certificate information to a customer database for account histories.

· Publishing.

Gather information from digital certificates to understand your readers, creating profiles and increasing the value of your advertising space.

· Service providers.

Delivery companies, for example, can issue digital certificates to let users track shipments online.