Personal Certificates

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Requiring registration and passwords lets you keep track of visitors, but if exchanging this information isn't secured, data can be intercepted online. In addition, customers often forget passwords, and maintaining password databases eats up your valuable time and resources.

Fortunately, personal certificates can help. Not only do digital certificates help you secure e-commerce transactions with visitors, they can also help you learn more about your customers and enhance their online experience. Set up your site to identify and recognize personal digital certificates and you'll be able to:

· Restrict access to specified content to certain consumers - essential if you want to charge customers for certain services, or offer different levels of service for important customers and partners.


· Instantly authenticate a visitor's identity, instead of requiring individual user names and passwords.


· Increase customer satisfaction and simplify access for visitors by using a digital certificate for universal web site login.


· Increase advertising revenue by tracking the personalized information contained in individual digital certificates.


· Enhance the value of your site by delivering a more personalized web experience, according to the individual interests, browsing or purchasing histories, or personal profiles you track from digital certificate data.