Executing Batch Jobs from Constraints

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You can call batch jobs from constraints. The following restrictions apply:


· The job (or sub-jobs of the job) cannot include action tasks.


· The job cannot be an interface job.


· Currently, the job can only be used in an 'invocative' constraint, that is: only as the TOPMOST component in an invoke, for example:

invoke batchrunner.mybatch with select col1, col2 from t1 where pk=73

Note that this example requires a parameter set with two elements. If two elements are not available, you could use:

invoke batchrunner.mybatch with select 'Yes' "-quiet" from t2 where t2.col1=1

· The job can only be called using the method call syntax, NOT using the RunJob method.


· Any (pre)commit fired from the job will NOT be executed. Record-level commits for import/SQL tasks will also not be executed.