How to Execute a Job from USoft Binder

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The most common way for end users to execute jobs that you distribute to them is from USoft Binder.

To execute a job from USoft Binder:

If your USoft Binder project already contains a Batch Runner item, you can set or change the properties for this item. To add a new Batch Runner item:

1. Open an existing USoft Binder project.
2. Choose Item, New.

The Add USoft Project Items dialog is displayed.

3. Select the Batch Runner check box.
4. Click Add.

The new Batch Runner item will now be included in the list of items displayed in the work area.

Next, add or change the Batch Runner properties, as follows:

1. Select the Batch Runner item, and choose Item, Properties.

The Batch Runner Properties tab page is displayed.

2. Enter a meaningful name for the Batch Runner item in the Name field.
3. Optionally, enter a directory name in the Directory field.

If you enter a name, USoft Batch opens or creates these files in the specified directory:

· .ERR, .SUC and .MES files in import tasks, unless disabled.


· Data files in import and export tasks, unless the Filename field in the import or export task definition contains a path definition.

If you leave this field empty, the current working directory is used.

4. Choose one of the option buttons to specify whether the application is to be run from the repository or from flat file.

This option only determines from where structure and rule definitions are read.

5. Enter the name of the USoft application.
6. Enter the path and name of the log file in the Logfile field, if you do not want to use the defaults.

If the specified file already exists, the log information will by default be appended to the file. You can overwrite the existing log file by checking the Logfile Overwrite check box.

7. Click the Add button.

The Edit Job Name and Parameters dialog is displayed.

8. Enter the name of the job and any parameters (in the format <parameter name>=<value>) in the dialog box, and click OK.

If there is more than one parameter, enter each one on a new line, by ending the current line with a comma, and then pressing CTRL+ENTER to start a new parameter line. Make sure that there are no spaces after the commas.

9. Click OK to save the details.