Fatal Errors in Batch Jobs

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Fatal errors in USoft Batch jobs are:

When running an import task:

· The import set table cannot be added or found in the repository.


· Delete from the import set does not succeed.


· Cannot close .suc, .err, .mes, .tim files.


· Cannot write to .mes, .tim, .suc, .err, files.


· Cannot delete the current row from the driving set.

Import tasks are working like this: one row is read from the file and inserted into the set, all statements are executed, the row is deleted from the set, and the process starts all over again.

· Cannot open or close the import file.


· If the syntax of SQL statements is not correct.


· When the preparation of the statements (from an import task) fail, for example: input variables cannot be replaced, components cannot be initialized, authorization fails, replacements of views fails.

When running an SQL task:

· If the syntax of SQL statements is not correct.


· SQL generated database error.