How to Define an Export Task

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To define an export task:

1. Choose Define, Tasks, Export Tasks.

The Export Tasks window appears.

· In the Export Name field, type a unique name for the export task. The name may be up to 30 characters long.


· In the External Set field, click the lookup button and select a previously defined external set.


· In the Filename field, type the name of the file into which the data is to be exported. By default, the file will be created in the working directory, but you can override this if required, by typing a full pathname before the file name.


· In the Write Mode field, specify whether an existing export file must be appended or overwritten with new exported data.

If you specify 'Overwrite', the existing export file is cleared at the beginning of the export task, even if the export task does not retrieve data, or results in an error.

· (7.1 only) In the Encoding field, specify whether the encoding of the output file is to be ANSI or UTF-8 (Unicode).

If you attempt to export Unicode characters to an ANSI file, you will obtain unpredictable results.