Defining Import Tasks

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An import task executes one or more import SQL statements on one or more previously defined external sets.

USoft Batch ensures that all import data is checked against constraints before it is inserted into the database. However, you may deactivate specific checks and constraints just for the time that the job is running. For more information, see "Deactivating and Reactivating Checks and Constraints", or "Disabling Rules".

The import SQL statements used by an import task manipulate the data in the external set, and determine which data is to go into which table. The import SQL statements may insert new data, or update existing data. For the first type of import you use an INSERT statement. For the second type you use an UPDATE statement.

You can use import tasks, for example, to:

· Load backup data files into your database.


· Import data from other USoft applications.


· Update the database with data from external applications.


· Convert data from different systems into one unified USoft application.

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