Pre-defined Job Parameters

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There are some parameters that can be passed to jobs without the need to be defined in a parameter set first. These enable you to specify the following:

· User-defined table names.


· Data directories to be used for import and export tasks.


· File names for import and export tasks.


· Column separators for external sets for export tasks.


· String delimiters for external sets.


· Null Value Fill characters for export task external sets.


· The enabling or disabling of the creation of import task status files.

Pre-defined job parameters are passed to a job in the same way as other job parameters:

· When executing a job from a USoft application, add the parameter to the ActionStartJob() method call.


· When executing a job from a Batch Runner item in USoft Binder, add the parameter in the Properties window of this Batch Runner item.


· When calling the internal BatchRunner component with an INVOKE statement, add the parameter as expression with a named alias in the SELECT clause.


· When executing a job from the command line, add the parameter to the command line option:

–exe "job(<name>[,<parameter>=<value>])"

In this case, you cannot use the ActionStartJob() method. Use the job() action instead.

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