SQL Tasks

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You can use SQL tasks to:

· Consolidate at night the data that has been entered during office hours.

For example, on the basis of reservation details entered during the day, an overnight job could create a mailing (confirmation) to all the people who have made bookings during the day.

· Delete old information.

For example, the Travel Agency might want to delete all the Scheduled Tour records that are older than a certain date, as the information is no longer required.

· Check and update the data in the database when table definitions or constraints have been altered to suit newly formulated needs.

For example, a constraint may be changed that leaves some of the data no longer valid. An easy way to find this data is to use USoft Batch to export and then re-import the data that might be affected by the changes. This is the equivalent of having that data re-entered by hand, so any data that does not match the new rules will be logged, and not imported.