Step 2: Loading Sample Application Data

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In this step, you will load some sample user data in the (application) database, using USoft Batch Runner to execute a batch job.

To load sample application data:

1. Get the Properties tab for the Batch Runner item in the USoft Binder file (click on the Batch Runner item in the work area, then click the right mouse button and choose Properties).
2. In the Directory field, replace the "<installation>" placeholder by the name of your installation directory, for example: C:\Program Files\usd72\testdrive\htmlgenerator.

You have now identified the directory containing the files with sample user data.

3. In the App. Name field, replace the <USERNAME WITHOUT OPS$> placeholder by the database username, minus the OPS$ prefix (if any).
4. Accept default settings for other fields. These specify that the job to be run is IMP_APPDATA, and that its definition and the application definitions are to be read from repository (i.e., database).
5. Click the OK button.
6. Start the data import job by double-clicking the Batch Runner item in USoft Binder. The result is that the four sample application tables are filled with sample user data.

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