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The Manipulations tab page on the Test Profiles window shows statistical timing information about all manipulations in the profile.

Only the manipulations with Constraint, Relationship or Interface source type can occur.

The Manipulations tab page

All times are in milliseconds:



Manipulation Seqno

The sequence number of the manipulation.


The execution time of the single manipulation

Total Time

The total execution time used for performing data manipulations, including related manipulations.

SQL Time

The time used for executing all SQL statements within a single manipulation.

Total SQL Time

The total time used for executing SQL statements, including SQL statements in related manipulations.


The number of SQL statements within a single manipulation.

Total #SQL

The total number of SQL statements within the manipulation, including SQL statements within related manipulations.

Source Type

The area of USoft Developer that this manipulation is related to.


The name of the domain constraint, the constraint, or the relationship that causes this manipulation.


The type of data manipulation, for example: Update or Insert.


The database table that is affected by this manipulation.


From the Manipulations tab page, you can:

· Click the View Manipulation button to view a specific manipulation.


· Click the Manipulations Started button to view all manipulations started due to SQL Statements within a specific manipulation.


· Click the SQL Statements button to show the SQL statements within a specific manipulation.