How to Create or Replace Tables, Indexes, and Sequences

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To create or replace all tables, indexes, and sequences:

1. From the menu bar, choose Tools, Physical Tables, and then choose Create.

The Create Tables wizard appears.

2. Enter the requested information in the each of the wizard's dialogs.

If you want to create or replace a selection of tables/indexes/sequences only, you can perform a query in the wizard's dialog, and the select the required items by clicking the buttons in front of them.

When you click Finish, a message appears asking whether USoft Developer, when creating a new table, is to prompt you for the name of an old table from which to take the data.

3. Click Yes (default) or No.

If you click Yes, an information message appears informing you for which new table you need to specify the name of an old table. (This happens for each table whose name you have changed. This is useful if you want to keep your old data. The existing table names will first be renamed to OLD_<table_name>.)

If you click No, the window in which the database actions are reported will appear immediately.

4. Type the name of the old table in the dialog that appears, and then click OK.

When you have specified the names of all old tables, a window appears in which the performed database actions are reported.

5. Close the report window when you are ready.