How to Define a Subtype Definition and its Elements

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All tables that are elements of the same subtype definition must have the same supertype. Apart from defining a definition and its elements, you also define what the relation between the various elements is: exclusive, total, both, or neither. Exclusivity and totality are constraints on the elements of a subtype definition. Between the subtypes there exists a relationship, and to this relationship exclusivity and/or totality rules may apply.

To define a subtype definition and its elements:

1. Right-click the supertype table in the Project Catalog, and choose New Subtype Rules.

The New Subtype Rules wizard appears.

2. Enter the requested information in each of the wizard's dialogs.

Once the definition has been created, you can always modify it by choosing Define, Subtype Groups, Definitions from the menu bar, and performing a query to retrieve the definition. You can use the What's This? help for more information on the fields in the Subtype Definitions window.


You can also create a new subtype definition yourself, by choosing Define, Subtype Groups, Definitions from the menu bar.