How to Define Logical Views

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To define a logical view:

1. Right-click on Logical Views in the project Catalog, and choose New Logical View or choose Define, Logical Views from the menu bar. The Logical Views window appears.
2. Enter the requested information. (See the What's This? help for more details.)
3. Click the Check button to check the SQL statements you enter for the logical view. If they are incorrect in any way, a message is displayed explaining what is wrong.
· If the SQL Statement is correct, the Correct field is checked.
· For the time being, the following features cannot be used in the SQL statement of a logical view:


· GROUP BY, HAVING, and aggregate functions (AVG, MIN, MAX, SUM, COUNT, STDDEV) can be used once per logical view.
4. Save your changes in the database.


USoft Developer allows you to document your application by writing descriptions or comments on logical views. With the required Logical Views window open, click on the Comments tab. The Comment tab page appears. Enter your comments or description in the Comment field. Save your changes.


To view Log Information changes, with the Logical Views window open click on the Log Info tab. You can use the What's This? help in the Log Info tab page for more information on each field.