How to Initialize a Microsoft Repository Data Source

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To transfer meta-data between USoft and a Microsoft Access or SQL Server data source, you first need to initialize the Microsoft data source so that it can act as an MSR source, and interpret incoming USoft data using the DBM tool information model.

To initialize a Microsoft Repository data source:

1. From the USoft Definer menu bar, choose Tools, Data Model Loader, Microsoft Repository.
2. Make sure the cursor is in the External Connection (left-hand) pane.
3. Choose Load, Initialize from the menu bar and provide the required specifications.
· This option asks for a Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server account. It transforms the account into a Microsoft Repository data source.


· It also makes sure the DBM tool information model can be recognized. This is necessary for data transfer from USoft to the MSR source.


· Finally, it establishes a connection between the Data Model Loader and the MSR source.