How to Set Up Data Model Loader Connections

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To transfer meta-data between USoft and an external meta-data source, you need to set up connections to both sources. The next time you open the Data Model Loader utility, both connections are automatically restored.

To set up Data Model Loader connections:

1. Configure USoft Definer as an ODBC data source.
2. If you want to connect to a Microsoft Access or SQL Server data source as a Microsoft Repository source, consider if you need to initialize that data source.

A Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server data source needs to be initialized before it can act as an MSR source, and interpret incoming USoft data using the DBM tool information model.

3. From the USoft Definer menu bar, choose Tools, Data Model Loader, and then choose either Microsoft Repository or Universal Data Access as appropriate.
4. Make sure the cursor is in the External Connection (left-hand) pane.
5. Click Connect, and provide the required specifications. You can also choose Load, Connect from the menu bar.

This step is not necessary if you have just initialized your Microsoft Repository data source because in that case you will already be connected to it.


In the Data Link Properties dialog, after providing a password, ALWAYS select Allow Saving Password. For more information about options in this dialog, please refer to the dialog Help function.

6. Place the cursor in the USoft Connection (right-hand) pane.
7. Click Connect, and specify USoft Definer as the ODBC source you want to connect to. You can also choose Load, Connect from the menu bar.