How USoft Developer Processes Data

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USoft Developer processes data manipulations in terms of row events. A row events occurs for each record that is inserted, updated, or deleted via a USoft application, either interactively by the user or indirectly by cascading rules. A row event occurs for example:

· When the end user directly INSERTs, UPDATEs or DELETEs a record in the interface.


· When a constraint performs a correction and INSERTs, UPDATEs or DELETEs one or more records as a result of some user action.


· When an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statement is issued through the SQL Command interface.

If INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements manipulate more than one record, a row event is created for every record that will be inserted, updated, or deleted.

USoft Developer's conceptual processor performs checks on row events to determine if the row event is subject to any restrictive or corrective business rules:

· A restrictive rule may cause the row event to be a violation to that rule. In case of a violation, further processing is blocked. An error message is usually returned to the user.


· For each corrective rule, the row event may lead to corrections elsewhere in the application tables, and thus to new row events that are themselves subject to further restrictive and corrective business rules.

For detailed information about Rules Engine validation, please refer to the Rules Engine Help.