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Data manipulations in USoft applications can lead to violations because of restrictive rules. For instance, when a user attempts to INSERT certain values, a rule may dictate that these values cannot be inserted.

As USoft Developer checks for violations during data manipulation,

· If only values for the current record are needed to perform a violation test, the test is performed immediately (i.e. when record data is manipulated).


· If the test requires OLD column values to perform the violation test, the test is also performed immediately.


· If values from multiple tables are involved in the violation test, the business rule is added to a list of rules to be tested when the user attempts to commit. The actual violation test is deferred until this time, when all corrections on the data have taken place. If one of the violation tests fail, the commit will fail.

In the application interface, you can view the list of rules that will be checked at commit time by choosing File, Transactions from the menu bar.