Starting the Rules Service from the Command Line

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You can start a Rules Service from the command line on any operating system, by typing:

RulesService -exe ┬ľa=<port nr> -gc=<host name> -peer=<host name>:<port nr>


-a=<port nr>

specifies the port number used by the Rules Service.

-gc=<host name>

specifies the name of a granted (controlling) computer that checks the configuration of the Rules Service. If you open a web browser on this computer with URL:

http:\\<computer name>:<port nr>\ure.config

you get the first configuration page of the Rules Service and you can specify the configuration parameters.

-peer=<host name>

specifies another Rules Service, for which the started Rules Service will act as a Peer Rules Service.


Starting the Rules Service from the command line does NOT install the Rules Service as a Windows Service.



On Windows systems, it is also possible to create a Rules Service configuration file file without fully starting the Rules Service. This (-config) option may be useful to system managers. To create a configuration file (including an encrypted password) from the command line, type:


RulesService -exe -config -u <user name> -pw <Password>



A configuration file is then created, and the Rules Service immediately exits again.