The Business Object Diagrammer

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Using the graphical extension to USoft TeamWork it is possible to work with a diagrammatical representation of a business object. This graphical extension works in a very similar way to that used by the SQL Definer.

Using the Business Object Diagrammer you can:

· View an Entity-Relationship (ER) diagram of an object and its relationships


· Print the diagram of a business object


· Manipulate or edit the contents of a business object


· Navigate between business objects within a business area.

To start the diagrammer, open the Business Objects window in the Definer, query for the appropriate business object, and click the Diagram button. An ER diagram, with the selected business object at its center, will be displayed. This diagram will display all the tables and relationships registered within a business object.

Via the right mouse button menu, you can access and manipulate the descriptions, documentation, domain definitions and business rules associated with a Business object. The Business Object Diagrammer gives you a graphical representation of (part of) the repository of your application. The diagram displays database objects as well as the relationships defined between them. You can use this option, not only to visualize your repository, but to change it as well. For example, you can remove an object, or change one of its columns.


The tables and relationships to be displayed must already have been defined. It is not necessary, however, to physically create the corresponding database tables before using the Diagrammer.

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