Updating Supertype and Subtype Data

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Existing supertype-subtype record constellations may be updated in three ways:

· Supertype values are changed.


· Subtype values are changed.


· New subtypes are selected for an existing supertype, or existing subtypes are de-selected.

Subtypes are selected or de-selected for an existing supertype by:

· Selecting or clearing subtype indicators (check boxes).


· Inserting or deleting records in windows based on the subtype table.


· Indirectly, by issuing an INSERT INTO <subtype> or DELETE FROM <subtype> statement. Such a statement could be issued in a constraint.

These manipulations are treated as UPDATEs to the record constellation. Transitional constraints defined on the record constellation are evaluated if the Fire On Update flag is set.

A possible exception is adding new subtype data to an existing supertype constellation. If this new data is inserted through a window based on the subtype, or inserted indirectly through a constraint, it is handled as INSERT rather than UPDATE if the Update Supertype on Insert deployment configuration parameter in the Authorizer is set to No.