You Do Not See the Context of the Application Strings

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Unfortunately, you cannot see the context in which an application string appears on the screen, whilst you are translating it in the repository.

For this reason, it is not a good idea to translate the application strings from number 1 to :n in sequence, because it is very difficult to find the window in which a certain application string appears. It is recommended to work in the following way: start your application and open any window. You will see a number of application strings displayed in the window. Look up the string number(s) that correspond to that particular window. When you have found it, go to the Definer and provide a translation for the string.

1. Start the Definer for the application repository. Create a report file on the T_APP_USED_STR. See "How To Make a Report File on the Strings/Messages".

You will use this report file as a mapping list to find the string number of the application strings.

2. Start your application.
3. Open the Object List of the application by choosing View, Object from the menu bar.

Assume that "Person" is at the top of the list.

4. Select "Person" and open the Person window by clicking the Open button.
5. In the Person window, you see the application strings "Person ID", "First Name", "Family Name", etc. Look up the string "Person ID" in the mapping list and check which string ID it has.
6. Suppose the string has number 56. Open the Definer's Used Application Strings window by choosing Tools, Language, Used Application String from the menu bar. Retrieve the record with string nr. 56. The string "Person ID" will be retrieved.
7. Open the related window and provide a translation for the string.
8. Look up the next application string "First Name" in the lookup list. When you have translated all the strings in this window, go back to the Object List and repeat the steps as outlined above.