Extra Queries

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Apart from the data retrieved by its main query, an info box may show data from extra queries. You may use these extra queries to show data from related info boxes, or to show the results of computations. The information shown via these extra queries is synchronized with the information from the main query.

These extra queries can also manipulate other objects in the user interface. For example, you can use an extra query to change the display properties of fields depending on the data they show.

A single extra query definition may result in one or more displayed or computed fields.

If you use more than one extra query in the same info box, execution order between extra queries cannot be specified. For this reason, you should avoid referring to one extra query in the SQL statement of another. To control execution order, use Decisions instead.

Extra Queries are also executed when you enter Query Mode. In this case, if a No Action has been specified, this No action will be performed.

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