How Menu Functionality Was Added

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To add a popup menu for the Travel Agency catalog, these steps were taken:

1. Define a new decision called OPEN_RESERVATIONS, and copy the double-click action text of Tree View Node 3 of the Scheduled Tours tab page into its Yes Action.
2. Define a new decision called VIEW_SCHEDTOUR, and copy the Yes Action of the decision OPEN_RESERVATIONS into its Yes Action.

A ScheduledToursFromCatalog window can be defined in the same manner as the ReservationsFromCatalog window.

3. Define a new decision, called DELETE_SCHEDTOUR, with Yes Action:

Question('Are you sure to delete this Scheduled Tour?', SqlScript(SET showErrorMessages True;

   DELETE FROM schedtour WHERE schedtour_id= "Tab_1.Page_1.Tree_View_1.GetValueFromCurrentItem(schedtour_id)"),


4. In the Windows Designer, define a new Menu Page called SCHEDTOUR_MENU. Then for the new SCHEDTOUR_MENU Menu Page, define Menu Lines:

Menu Line






View Scheduled Tour



Delete Scheduled Tour



5. Define a menu line with only the following properties set:
6. Mark Type: None
7. Position: 2
8. Default: No
9. This will result in a horizontal line between the first two menu items.
10. Identify the menu page from which you want to give access to the Travel Agency Project Catalog. Add the menu line:

Menu Line


Travel Catalog

CatalogToggle(Travel Catalog)

11. For this menu line, set the On Toolbar property to some high number, for example: 49, and the Bitmap Name property to: hierar.bmp.
12. In the Windows Designer, (re) open the Scheduled Tours tab page.
13. For the Tree View object, on the General tab page, set the Node-specific Menus property to Yes. This way, you can give each Tree View Node a different Popup Menu.
14. For Tree View Node 3, on the General tab page, set Popup Menu Page to: SCHEDTOUR_MENU.