How to Add an Image to Record Selector Buttons in a Spreadsheet

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You can add images to the record selector buttons that will display if the query conditions for an Extra Query are met.

To add an image to a spreadsheet's record selector buttons:

1. Make sure you have selected the appropriate Info Window object. This should already be in spreadsheet look.
2. Open the Property Inspector.
3. Use the Object tree to select the parent window of the Info window.
4. From the menu bar, choose Insert, Extra Query.

A dummy Extra Query and its resulting field are inserted.

5. From the menu bar, choose Design, Extra Query, and then choose the inserted extra query.


You can also use the Object tree to select the Extra Query column. Either way, do NOT specify the underlying query by selecting the dummy field and setting its Values property. This does not produce the desired result.

6. In the Property Inspector, select the SQL Statement property on the General tab page and press the edit (...) button.

The SQL Definer opens, enabling you to specify the query.

7. Add an Extra query, suing the following syntax:

SELECT '<icon name>' "GRID_IMAGE" FROM <table> WHERE <col> = <value>

8. Save your changes. For each record that matches the condition above the icon "<icon name>" will be displayed on the record selector button.