How to Make a Spreadsheet Resizable

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If you wish, you can make an info window in spreadsheet look resizable. This means that if you want to see more or less records, you can simply resize the window by clicking the window's border, and dragging it to the desired size.

To make a spreadsheet resizable:

1. Make sure you have selected the appropriate Info Window object. This should already be in spreadsheet look.
2. Open the Property Inspector.
3. Use the Object tree to select the parent window of the Info window.
4. In the Property Inspector, click the Layout tab page, and set the Resize Child property to Yes.
5. For the gridBox object you want to make resizable, set the Alignment property on the Layout tab page to WorkArea.


If the 'Include Subtype Presentations' property has been set to No, these steps are not needed because the Gridbox resizes automatically.

Explanation: Gridboxes are meant to be automatically resizable. This, however, often does not combine well with the display of subtype presentations. This is why the automatic resize is disabled when the display of subtype presentations is enabled.

For compatibility reasons, the default setting for the 'Include Subtype Presentations' property has to be Yes.

But if you do not often use subtype presentations , it makes sense to set this property to No on stylesheet level and only set this property to Yes for those windows where you actually want to use subtype presentations.