How to Change the Tab Order of a Window/Dialog

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By default, the order in which end users can tab through the objects on your window or dialog is determined by the Position property of the various objects. If required, you can change the navigation through the window or dialog by changing the tab order.

To change the tab order of a window or dialog:

1. Use the Windows Designer catalog to open the window or dialog whose tab order you want to change.
2. Open the Property Inspector, click the Behavior tab page, and then click the Tab Order property.
3. Use the splitter between the property list and the Tab Order list to enlarge your view.
4. Put the objects in the desired tab order:
· To change the tab order, drag and drop the controls in the Tab Order list into the desired order, or use the keyboard. The Left Arrow key moves the control one place up in the list. The Right Arrow key moves it one place down.


· To exclude a control (so that end-users cannot reach it via the TAB key), drag and drop it to the Not in Tab Order list, or press Enter.


· To include a control that is in the Not in Tab Order List, drag and drop it to the Tab Order list, or press Enter. It is placed above the currently selected item in the Tab Order list. If no control has been selected, the control is placed at the bottom.