How to Insert Additional Info Boxes

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You can insert additional info boxes into dialogs or info windows to:

· Show child data in a parent window even if child data are not mandatory in a relationship.
· Show a single-record display of data in the current record.
· Show information from two unrelated tables.
· For many other interface design reasons.

To insert an additional info box:

1. In the Windows Designer catalog or in a window, open the info box class or dialog class into which you want to insert an info box.
2. In the design view, select the info box or other object into which you want to add an info box. This is likely to be the info window or dialog itself (the top-level object).
3. Drag and drop the required info box from the Windows Designer catalog or onto the design view.
4. Add functionality to make the inserted info box work together with the rest of the window objects.