How to Highlight the Current Record

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Whether or not to highlight the current record is a design decision that depends upon the layout of windows. For some windows it may be useful, for others it may not be. The same is true for the fields (Column objects) within a record. Data columns easily lend themselves for this kind of functionality but Toggle columns, for example, do not. Therefore, you have to indicate for each info window separately whether or not you want this functionality.


The current record will be highlighted, even if the fields are read-only (not updatable).

To highlight the current record in a window/dialog:

1. Use the Windows Designer catalog to select and open the appropriate window/dialog.
2. Open the Property Inspector, select the appropriate Info Box object if necessary, and then click the Visual tab page.
3. Change the Highlight Current Record property to Yes.
4. Click the Current Line Color property, and then select the color required.