How to Insert a List View

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To insert a list view:

1. Use the Windows Designer catalog to open the appropriate window/dialog.
2. In the design view, select the object into which you want to insert a list view.
3. From the menu bar, choose Insert, List and then choose List View, or drag your own list view from the Controls tab page of the Windows Designer catalog.
4. Select the list view, and then open the Property Inspector.
5. Set the SQL Query property to indicate which values to display.

For example:

SELECT emp_name, emp_no, initials, title, dept FROM emp


If the List View is run in List, Small Icons or Large Icons view mode, only the first column in the SELECT list will be displayed (here EMP_NAME). If the Details view mode is selected, all column values will be displayed.

The user can make a runtime selection of one of these view modes if the default Popup Menu Page for list views, STD_LISTVIEW, is used. Which of the four view modes is default depends on the View property of the list view (the default is Small Icons, but List or Details view modes are also common as defaults for list views).

To further enhance a list view, you can:

· Associate each list entry with an icon or bitmap image (this is essential for using the list view in Small Icons and Large Icons view modes)


· Set or change column headings and column widths to be used when the list view is shown in Details mode


· Set overlay images to be added to the icon or bitmap when a certain SQL condition (the Overlay Condition) applies


· Set or change the list view's popup menu page


· Set or change actions to be executed when the user double-clicks on one of the list view entries


· Make the list view resizable when the end user resizes the window or dialog it is in.

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