How to Insert Tab Pages

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To insert tab pages:

1. Use the Windows Designer catalog to open the appropriate window/dialog, and then select the object into which you want to insert the tab pages.
2. From the menu bar, choose Insert, Tab, or drag-and-drop a Tab object from the Class Tree.
3. From the menu bar, choose Insert, Tab Page, as many times as you want the Tab object to have pages.

Tab objects must have at least ONE tab page. The first one is inserted automatically.

4. For each of the tab pages, use the Page Title property on the Visual tab page of the Property Inspector to give it the required label/prompt.
5. If required (e.g. if you want them ordered alphabetically), you can change the order of the tab pages by setting their Position property.
6. You can now drag and drop the required objects (e.g. tables or buttons) onto your tab pages.

A frequent mistake is to insert objects on the Tab object instead of on a Tab Page. Before inserting objects onto a tab page, make sure you select the Tab Page itself, not the Tab that contains it.

To minimize the risk of mistakes, USoft will automatically create a Tab Page if you attempt to drag and drop an info box onto a Tab control.

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