How to Make an Object Resizable Within a Window or Dialog

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There are a number of objects you may want to resize automatically when the window containing the object is resized. Examples of such objects are tab pages, tree views, list views, grid boxes and buttons.

For project catalogs this behavior is already defined, so you do not need to specify that the first tab page and tree view they contain automatically resize with the catalog.

To make an object resizable within an info box or dialog:

1. In the Windows Designer catalog, select the info box or dialog that contains the object you want to make resizable.
2. Open the Property Inspector for the selected class.
3. For the Window object, set the Resize Child property on the Layout tab page to Yes.

The Window object is at the topmost level of the Object tree. It can also be accessed via the menu by choosing Design, Window.

4. If the selected window class is a dialog, set the Sizeable property on the Behavior tab page to Yes.
5. For the object you want to make resizable, set the Alignment property on the Layout tab page to WorkArea.