How to Make Columns Non-displayed Dynamically

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Columns that have been defined as displayed in the Definer can be made non-displayed dynamically with the Windows Designer. To do this, call the Displayed property of the base column object in the Startup Actions property of the info box:


If there is no special reason to perform this action dynamically (at runtime), then of course it is preferable simply to set the Displayed property for the column to Off at design time.

To make a column non-displayed dynamically:

1. Select an appropriate behavior property, e.g., the Startup Actions property of the info box.
2. Open the Object Activator by clicking the Edit button.
3. In the Object Browser pane, select the column object.
4. Click the Properties tab page and select the Displayed property.
5. Click Add.
6. In the Script box, select the subnode for the parameter (in this case, the property value).
7. Click Edit, and then type False.
8. Click OK.