How to Select an Object in the Design View

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Once you have opened a window, dialog or control class from the Windows Designer catalog, there are various ways of selecting the objects for which you want to change/set properties:

· Clicking on an object with the mouse.

This provides access to all visible objects (controls).

Embedded objects can be accessed in this way if you set the Selection Filter to Off. Set the Selection Filter by using the View menu or the Selection Filter icon on the toolbar.

· Using the Object tree.

This provides access to all visible and non-visible objects in/on the current class.

· By choosing Window, Main Query, Extra Query or Query Column from the Design menu.

This provides access to:

· The window (shell) around info boxes and dialogs.


· The main queries and extra queries (if any) defined on the current info window.


· The query columns used by those queries.
· By choosing File, Application Properties.

This provides access to the icon, title, maximum number of resident windows of an application, and other application-level properties.


If you make changes to application properties in the Windows Designer, make sure that you explicitly save your changes by choosing File, Save All from the menu.

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