How to Start a New GUI Application

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To start a new GUI application:

1. From the menu bar, choose File, New Application.

In the New Application dialog that appears, type the name for the new application in the Application Name field, and from the drop down list choose the template that is to be used.

By default this template is APPLICATION, which means that the application is based on USDINIT.ESI.

2. To add a new template to the list, click Add.

In the Add Template dialog that appears, first type a name for the template file in the Schema Name column. This name will not be used anywhere else. Then, in the Source Name column, specify the ESI file that is to be used as a source. You can use the browse button to find the required ESI file.

3. Click OK to return to the New Application dialog. All application names that were found in the specified ESI file are now added to the template dropdown list. Select the application that is to be used as a template for your new application.
4. Choose whether you wish to reuse all classes from the specified template or selected classes only.
5. Click OK.

The new application is created in the repository, and opened in the Windows Designer. If you chose to use selected classes only, the Select dialog appears.

Select classes by double-clicking, using the Select button on the toolbar, or the Select/Deselect option on the context menu. Changes are applied immediately, and reflected in the Windows Designer catalog.

6. Click OK or Close.

Your selection of classes is stored in the repository and all selected classes will appear in your application's Windows Designer catalog.

7. Choose File, Save All from the menu.