Property Inspector

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The Property Inspector enables you to inspect and change the properties of any object within the current info window class, dialog class or menu class.

For the object currently selected in the active design view, open the Property Inspector from the View menu, from the right-mouse context menu on the design view, or by clicking the Property Inspector icon on the toolbar.

· For windows, main queries, extra queries and query columns, open the Property Inspector from the Design menu.


· For the application, open the Property Inspector by choosing Edit Application from the File menu.

The Property Inspector has sections providing access to general, layout, behavior and visual properties of the object.

Near the top of the Property Inspector there is a toolbar, consisting of two sort order buttons, and edit button, a reset (re-inherit) button and a button to turn the help area at the bottom of the property Inspector on or off.

The sort buttons can be used to sort and present the list of properties by category (general, layout, behavior and visual) or as a long alphabetical list containing all available properties regardless of category. The latter may be handy if you know the name of a property, but cannot remember which category it is in.

Depending upon the property that is currently highlighted, if you click on the edit button, and appropriate dialog or utility will be opened to help you to compose a property value. This could be, for example, the SQL Definer, Object Activator, a font choice dialog, or a color choice dialog, amongst others.

In the text box in the center part of the Property Inspector, you can manually edit the value of the selected property

· You can use the Reset button to erase a local property setting so that it returns to its inherited value.

You can open multiple Property Inspectors on multiple objects, but only one Property Inspector can be active at any one time.

The Property Inspector can be "docked". Dockable windows can be:

· Docked to the sides of your application.


· Floating above your application in separate windows.


· Collapsed to the side of your application, only appearing when the user moves their cursor over the Property Inspector's caption in the margin of the main window.

See "Docking Windows" for more details.


There is a difference between the Property Inspector tool and property sheets.