Object Activator

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The Object Activator helps you create method calls. A method call causes an object to perform an action. For example, a method call can be used to open a certain new window if the end user clicks a button.

Open the Object Activator from the Property Inspector by selecting an event property from the Behavior tab page and then clicking the Edit button (...) at the top of the Property Inspector.

To create a new method call, you perform a number of steps:

· Selecting the event for which you want to create a method call. Do this by opening the Object Activator for the object and behavior property that correspond to the event, e.g. the Action property of a button, or the Post-open property of a window.


· Selecting the object you want to activate when the event occurs, i.e. on which you want the method call to act. Do this by using the Object Browser top-left pane in the Object Activator. Note that some controls you have inserted are put under Variables. They are especially the controls that behave like columns but cannot query such as text boxes, spin boxes, or slider.


· Selecting the method or property to be called. The Method List top-right pane of the Object Activator shows methods and properties of the object currently selected in the Object Browser.


· Adding the method to the method call script. Do this by clicking the Add button.


· Applying the composed method call. Do this by clicking the Apply or OK button.

The Object Activator also helps you to get or set property values, or to provide values for parameters expected by methods. A special Formula button helps you write calls to the FORMULA() method more easily.

To use the Object Activator as a stand-alone editor independently of event properties, choose View, Object Activator from the Windows Designer menu bar.