Property Sheets

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Property sheets show general information about the Application and GUI classes.

Property Sheets are opened by choosing the Properties option from right-mouse context menus. Choosing File, Application Properties from the menu bar, opens the property sheet for the application.

Information on Property sheets can include:

· Name.


· Created By and Modified By information (username, timestamp).


· Read-only Y/N.


· Description.


· State

The read-only switch and the description field are editable.

The State field can be used to change the icons used in the catalog for classes in the Info Boxes, Dialogs, and Menus tab Pages. The "states" reflected by the icons in the catalog are intended for use as a visual aid during development.


Info Window








For certain objects, such as the Application object, the property sheet shows additional information.

For GUI classes, the Used In tab page shows whether the class in question is used in another class.


There is a difference between property sheets and the Property Inspector tool.