Selecting a Method or Property to Call

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To select a method exposed by the currently selected object:

1. In the Object Activator, make sure you have selected the object you want to activate. To call a generic method such as MessageInformation() you do not need to select an object.

Methods and properties exposed by the selected object are shown in Method Lists. These lists are on tab pages in the top-right pane of the Object Activator.

2. To select a method, click the Methods tab page. If you want to call a generic USoft method supported for most objects, click the Application Methods tab page. Examples of generic USoft methods are MessageInformation() and SqlScript(). To select a property, click the Properties tab page. To select the FORMULA() method, you can also click the Formula button.
3. Find the method or property you want to call, and select it.
4. Click the Add button or press ENTER.

The method or property specification is now displayed as a root node in the Script box between the Begin and End nodes. Child nodes are displayed for mandatory and optional parameters.

If the Script box already contained one or more method calls, the new selection is added as a root node below the currently selected method call. To add the selection as the LAST method call in the script, first select the End node, and then click Add or press ENTER.

5. Continue by providing parameter values.