Selecting an Object to Activate

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You can activate an object within the current info window or dialog, or outside it. To call a generic method such as MessageInformation() you can skip object selection.

To select an object to activate within the current info window or dialog:

1. In the Object Activator, expand appropriate nodes in the Object Browser tree view. The Object Browser is the top-left pane of the Object Activator.
2. When you reach the object you want to activate, place the cursor on it.

The Object Browser tree view also displays properties that return a complex object rather than a string value. Examples of such a property are the activeDocument of a text editor, or the activeWindow of an application. This enables you to navigate directly to those properties without using the Property tab page of the Method List.

3. If you want to refer to the current value of the selected object (e.g. a text box value), you do not need to select a method. Otherwise, continue by selecting one of the methods or properties exposed by the object.