Synchronization Between Secondary Info Boxes and Master Info Boxes

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Secondary info boxes follow the master in every respect. Data synchronization between the master and the secondary info box is automatic. For instance, if the user places the master info box in Enter Query mode, the secondary info box will also be placed in Enter Query mode. Scrolling through fetched records will occur simultaneously in both info boxes.

If the user updates a queried value in one window and the column also appears in the other window, the field in the other window will automatically become non-updatable. If the secondary window contains mandatory columns not included in the master, the user cannot commit from the master without first opening the secondary window.

Secondary windows are synchronized with their master window on basis of their mutual primary key. If this primary key is not available in the master window, no synchronization is possible. Therefore, USoft will not open a secondary window if the primary key is not available in the master window.