Secondary Info Boxes

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Secondary info boxes (and secondary windows) are called from a so-called master info box based on the same table. The purpose of a secondary info box is to display, or have the user manipulate, some or all of the columns belonging to the current record in the master.

As with all info boxes, secondary info boxes may appear in their own window (secondary window), or they may be embedded in the same window as the master info box.

Secondary info boxes allow you to distribute columns of a table over more than one info window. This is appropriate if, for a large record, you only want to show the most frequently used fields as a default, but still include the option of seeing all fields, perhaps by adding a "MoreĀ…" button, for example.

Secondary info boxes also allow you to display, and have users manipulate, columns of a table simultaneously in more than one window. This is appropriate when, for records in a multi-record display where not all records are visible or easily editable (in particular, when they are in a grid box), you want to provide an easy-to-edit single-record display version of the same record.

The No of Records Displayed property in the secondary window can be set to Single Row ( = 1 record displayed) or to Multi Row ( = same number of records displayed as in the master).

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