System Colors

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When you develop an application you are advised to adapt the position of objects and their (Control Panel) colors to the type of graphics board (e.g. VGA, or SVGA) that will be used in the production environment. Also, make sure that the fonts used are available on the target platform.

Colors for objects can be set by referencing one of the "items" normally set using the Control Panel. The recognized references for these "system colors" are shown in the following table.

System Colors

System Color

System Color

System Color

Active Border

Active Title Bar

Active Title Bar Text

Application Workspace

Button Face

Button Highlight

Button Shadow

Button Text


Disabled Text


Highlighted Text

Inactive Border

Inactive Title Bar

Inactive Title Bar Text

Menu Bar

Menu Text

Scroll Bars

Window Background

Window Frame

Window Text


If you set the Foreground Color property of a Data object to Button Text, for example, the color will correspond to that set in the Control Panel.


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